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Hosted by Peter and ”The Bear”

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#PWS004 - Feeding the trolls

Monday Apr 25, 2022

Monday Apr 25, 2022

Peter stories:1. Too stupid for KS oh btw. Kimera xD2. Dennis3. Audiobooks what have I gotten myself into? 
Björn stories:1. The dark mechanicum2. Dennis3. Justin’s battle report4. The torn knight project5. Getting back into fighting and being old 
What did we paint / Do for the hobby / ChannelsBjörn: 1. Finished my Krieg2. Finished Chalnath terrain build, will be 2 videos maybe?3. May the 4th projectPeter:1. Finished the marvel crisis protocol 2. Started eldar commission first twitch stream 
Main topic Social media- What channels are we talking about - what’s the difference between the different platforms , community vibe etc - Internal voices , things you should be doing etc . Peer Pressure - Things you shouldn’t do to peer pressure. - What are we doing there- outside voices - what people think - how they judge - Different opinions - Our best liked videos and it post and why we think they got there ? - How do we tackle posting ? - Is there pressure in having patrons? - Time schedule- Creativity vs. schedule - Liking others post / feeding the machine - The algorithm - Bear’s Motto
„Bearly Legal“ Hobby Cheats1. Add yellow to your bricks! Thanks Woah
„Wittness this Mini“ Cool paintjobs we have seen1. Dennis’ again… 4 knights 2. Dennis’ AGAIN… a fairy3.  B-Kromatic Recess shading4. Anicroche’s bust

#PWS003 - Plastic Fantastic

Monday Apr 11, 2022

Monday Apr 11, 2022

Drinking PaintwaterIntroDad JokeStory TimeMain topic with a lot of other stuffWhat different games have we painted for how much do we have unpainted right now ?Why do we paint , what do we get out of it ?  why do we keep buying when we still have stuff to paint ?Worst mini we've painted ? Best mini we've painted ? 3D printing vs buying minis ? that we shouldn't stress about our hobby thats supposed to be funHobby CheatsCool paintjobs we have seenDennis (@mugglehammer)@ogareg_miniaturesSORRY THAT I DID NOT TAG YOU IN THE VIDEO! IT WAS LATE!Final verdict

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Dad Joke time ! from the mayor of Dad Joke City
Who is the Bear and how did he end up here
What did we paint / do for the channels?
Built a whole Kill Team Board
Overdid all the terrain
Painted more on stream
Printing Krieg
First Video out!
Marvel Commission
What we own
what we want to get  
What we like
Oils and enamels
Other stuff
„Bearly Legal“ -> Hobby Cheats
Varied undertones, varied drybrushes, varied washes = Max effect
Final verdict: We are stupid and buy too much paint!

Sunday Mar 13, 2022

Welcome to PaintWater Soup!
How did this happen?
Peters journey into the hobby
Björn nearly died on the „throne“
What did we paint / Do for the hobby / Channels
1. AURE Amastasia from Loot Sci-fi 11/21
2. Started a Kill Team Board
1. My own butterfly diorama 
2. Marvel crisis protocol commission 
„Bearly Legal“ -> Hobby Cheats
1. Building up from the same / similar color / Mothercolor Light
„Wittness this Mini“ 
1. Top3 entries
Final verdict
If you want to support us with no costs consider telling your friends about us. Also subbing and giving a nice rating on different platforms really helps us out.
If you want to support us personally think about joining the Discord. Which should be a save space for all hobbyist. Hit us up for a link or visit the website:


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